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Reach & Rise Mentoring

Reach & Rise Mentoring

Be Half Of The Next Dynamic Duo

Reach and Rise is a therapeutic youth mentoring program that matches mentor volunteers (ages 21 and older) with Los Alamos youth (ages 9 - 17).

Mentoring is important - Youth who have the influence of a caring adult in their life are more confident, less likely to use drugs, have fewer behavioral problems, and are more resilient in the face of social pressures. Reach and Rise is a thereapeutic program that trains mentors to work with youth, provides ongoing case management support, and is a platform for children to set goals and be successful.

Kids are referred by parents, community members, educators and counselors. Youth are referred for a variety of reasons, but all of our youth are waiting for a caring, adult role model to show them a different lifestyle from their own.

Mentors must complete an application form, be able to pass an FBI fingerprint background check, and attend 15 hours of (FREE) training on how to address and handle common issues youths may be experiencing.

Reach & Rise mentor and mentee pairs commit to the mentoring relationship for at least one hour per week over the course of a year.

Mentor volunteers recieve a free YMCA membership for the duration of the match. We also offer mentor support meetings, group activities, and more!


Please watch this short Youtube Video, highlighting some wonderful Reach and Rise matches in Los Alamos!

Why Be A Mentor?

  • Provide a youth with a POSITIVE, growth-inducing relationship
  • Be a SOLUTION to a problem
  • Move youth from risk to RESILIENCY
  • Have a DIRECT impact on your community
  • Make a DIFFERENCE in the life of a child .

Volunteering to mentor is an important grassroots social effort that helps empower the face of the future Los Alamos community. Looking for more info? Check out: FAQ's, Should I Become A Mentor?, and Program Information for Families. To apply for a mentoring opportunity or to refer a youth who would benefit from Reach and Rise, complete the Mentor Application Form or Mentee Referal Form and return it to the Family YMCA or contact Program Director Dianna Reichelt by phone: 505-662-3100 or e-mail: